Stan Lee’s Hero Command: Cinematic Trailer

The Idea:

When preparing Stan Lee’s Hero Command, F84 was inspired to create a representation of the awesome world of Hero Command outside of the game. We wanted to showcase all of our original heroes and their enemies in one high definition audio-video experience. From this desire, sprung the idea of the cinematic game trailer.

The Process:

  • Concepting – coming up with a rough idea of what the cinematic would look and feel like
  • Storyboarding – creating sequential graphic illustrations visualizing the trailer from beginning to end
  • Rigging – creating the internal structure of the 3D models and defining how they deform with movement
  • Lighting – adding cinematic lighting effects to the scene
  • Animating – creating all 3D model movements to bring the scene to life
  • Compositing – combining all visual source elements into a single final scene
  • Sound Design – determining and generating all music and sounds within the trailer
  • Rendering – converting the 3D wireframe models into a series of 2D images with 3D effects

All of this came together to create the ultimate Stan Lee’s Hero Command Trailer seen below.

Stan Lee's Hero Command Cinematic Trailer Screenshot Stan Lee's Hero Command Cinematic Trailer Screenshot

The Cinematic Trailer:

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