Man vs. Wild: The Game

Will You Survive?

The sun slowly rises over the vast forest below as your plane glides along at 10,000 feet. The pilot turns to you and gives the thumbs-up; you have just enough time to say a small prayer before stepping out into the open. The cold wind rushes past as you look, bleary-eyed, for a safe spot to land; but all you can see are the outstretched arms of the wild waiting to hold you in its embrace.

Your parachute opens, pulling you back with enough force to snap your neck and, for a few moments, there is a sense of calm as you drift slowly towards the hard earth below. You take the moment to try and figure out the best direction to head, but the red sun – never a good sign at this time of day – blinds you.

As luck would have it, your chute gets caught in the jagged branches of a mighty oak. You are left with two choices; you can drop fifty feet to the ground, most likely breaking your legs in the process, or you can hang there for days, clinging to the false hope that help will come.

For the average man, this is a horrible day. For Bear Grylls, it’s just another Wednesday

Man vs. Wild brings all the excitement and fun of the hit Discovery Channel™ series to your home video game console. You will control Bear Grylls through five of the most dangerous places on Earth.

Man vs. Wild Features:

  • Explore as Bear Grylls in a 3rd person action style and survive the harshest environments spanning the globe
  • Take on Mother Nature in five huge environments including the harsh elements of Patagonia, the ruthless swamps of the Everglades and the unforgiving heat of the Sahara
  • Build shelter, find food and water, all while making sure that you maintain Bear’s vital signs
  • Parachute, paraglide, fend off sharks, pumas and bears, escape from an erupting volcano, sleep in a hollowed out camel – the adventures are as varied as they are numerous
  • Includes dozens of Survival Challenges, multiple drop zones, hundreds of collectables, achievements and unlockable content straight from your favorite episodes of Man vs. Wild
  • Use the in game Guide Book to learn more about the creatures you come across and to keep track of everything you’ve done in the game
  • Keep Bear alive any way possible: Choke down a few worms, spear a trout from a mountain stream or enjoy a fine piece of squirrel roasted over an open fire


Man vs. Wild: The Game is available now on Nintendo Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360



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