University of Hartford studio visit


University of Hartford, MFA Illustration Students & Faculty visit F84.

While studying at Syracuse University, a professor of Jeff’s, Murray Tinkleman, made quite an impact. Jeff always appreciated Murray for his straightforwardness, award winning talent and passion for life and art.

Today, Murry is the Director of the University of Hartford, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Illustration Program. His program brings himself, staff and his students to Los Angeles every other year for a weeklong visit. During this week, the students from across the country have the opportunity to interact with several industry experts through various facets of art and entertainment industry.

This year Jeff had the pleasure of presenting to the students. During their F84 studio visit, Jeff spoke about his illustration background, his personal work experiences and what it takes to run a successful business. He brought light to the vast opportunities available to Illustrators and creative’s in this ever changing and growing field of the digital arts, specifically video game development.

Jeff enjoyed the opportunity to share with the class and looks forward to seeing them again.



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