A Tradition of Art at F84


Jason Egitto: Traditional Modeler and Concept Artist

Floor 84 Studio welcomes Jason Egitto, a 37 year old artist and ex-professional hockey player from Rome, New York to play an exciting roll on the team as a traditional artist in a digital studio. Jason is a graduate of Computer Animation from Syracuse University, where he also earned his masters in 2014. Following the sudden loss of his grandfather, Egitto began channeling his artistic talents into sculpting figures, and has been pursuing that passion ever since.

What led you to sculpting?

“A love of superheroes has powered my imagination and creativity for as long as I can remember. Marvel and DC comics had an early impact on my life and it has inspired my passion for creating all kinds of artwork through a variety of artistic mediums. 30 years later, I feel that it was through the loss of my grandfather that I was able to create these sculptures. The idea of immortalizing both my grandfathers using my art – sculpting World War II superheroes based on their real life experiences – was something I took to instantly. I wanted to honor them through my craftsmanship and imagination and turn that reverence into something that was not only aesthetically appealing, but something that others can hopefully appreciate when thinking about their own loved ones.” (Egitto)

Since joining the team at F84, Egitto has been tasked with creating character designs based on iconic celebrity figures and original game characters.


One of a kind Stan Shaw model (left) and original model inspired by Egitto’s grandfather (right).

What do you do at F84?

“At F84 I use my traditional art skills to create physical representation of our lineup of celebrity talent and original game characters.  Since the work the studio produces is digital we find the response of fans is great when they get to connect with physical art.”  (Egitto)


Original models based on Egitto’s father (left) and Howard Stern (right).

How long does it take you to make a model?

“It takes around a month to finish a complete model. I sometimes work on two at a time. There’s a lot of iterating, especially with faces to capture a likeness, and to hone in on the look and feel we want out of a character.” (Egitto)


Can fans see your work?

“Most of the work I do for F84 is to be announced. I did have the opportunity to sculpt maquettes of our Stan lee’s Hero Command heroes as well as work with Jeff Hardy (F84 CEO) on completing our giant Stan lee model. Aside from that, you can also see plenty of my work displayed on my website.”


There’s no doubt Jason Egitto has been a valuable addition to F84. To see more of his work, visit his website jasonegitto.com.

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