Survival Run Charitable Giving


Bear Grylls Ventures and F84 Games announce Survival Run now featuring an opportunity for its millions of players to make a charitable purchase. The app available on iOS, Android (Google Play) as well as its most recent release on Facebook, gives players an opportunity to supply safe drinking water for families in desperate need.

With the purchase of the charitable gear, a Bear Grylls Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB) for $10, players, will not only enhance the game but they will directly contribute to those in need across the globe. With charitable partner, Global Angels, each purchase will provide a family access to clean drinking water for 10 years.

The campaign runs from July 1st – August 1st, 2013. Each time a RIB is purchased $5 of the proceeds are donated to Global Angels.
Molly Bedingfield of Global Angels, “We are thrilled to partner with Survival Run and their players to help us provide thousands of families in the developing world with easy access to safe drinking water. Water for Life is a game changer! I would like to thank Bear Grylls, Playmob and F84 Games for making this happen.”

Jeffrey Hardy, CEO of F84 Games, “My team and I are ecstatic for this opportunity to give back. What better way than combining entertainment and charitable giving. It’s truly amazing that each RIB purchase equals 10 years of an essential resource for survival for a family in need. We look forward to seeing how many families we can reach.”

F84 Games and Global Angels were brought together by Playmob who help charities to fundraise through in-game purchases.

Jude Ower, founder of Playmob, “We are honored to be able to help Global Angels deliver safe drinking water to communities in the developing world. The partnership between F84 Games and Global Angels is really exciting and we hope to make a real impact not only to the game but also to the Water for Life project.”

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