Feature – Stan Lee’s Hero Command


Stan Lee gets his first video game starring role!

With an impressive 14.8k Shares of ‘Stan Lee gets his first video game starring role’ released on, Chelsea Stark reports on ‘Stan Lee’s Hero Command’ and all that Stan Lee himself has to say about his new game. During this interview with F84 Games, CEO Jeff Hardy recalls various challenges and triumphs while developing an original title with a legend like Lee.  Read from the link below and gain insights as to what Stan Lee thinks of his very own video game.

“‘All I want to do is look at the characters on the screen. I hate hitting anyone because they go away. So I’ll just look at them,’ he said. ‘I just love the art and animation.'”
– Stan Lee

“He was like an oracle. One of the things that stuck with me was that heroes are always a little bit of an underdog, and that’s why people like them.”
– Jeff Hardy

“In comics, you had only a few panels to get a story across. Now with a mobile game, we have even less time to get that across, I think it’s very challenging, but it probably could be equally as rewarding.”
– Pow! Entertainment CEO Gill Champion

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