Game Developer Barbie Uses Real F84 Code


Barbie Can Really Code:

In a recent Slate Magazine online article Casey Fiesler, Slate author and faculty member in information science at University of Colorado, pointed out some improvements seen between the new 2016 Game Developer Barbie, and her 2010 predecessor Game Engineer Barbie. See the article here. One of the most striking improvements,Fiesler points out, is that this Barbie is using actual code:

“The interface appears to be Alice, an educational programming environment, and the code it’s outputting is ActionScript (or maybe Haxe). Basically, she seems to be making a Bejeweled clone in Flash . . . a huge step up from Computer Engineer Barbie’s laptop showing nothing but ones and zeros.” (Fiesler)

A little known face is that the code Barbie is in fact using code from a real match-style HTML5 game created here at F84 Games. Our developers are proud to contribute to this new STEM-friendly Barbie figure and help promote the idea that young girls and women can be anything – including game developers like us!

image: Barbie/Twitter


computer image: @cfielser/Twitter

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