Welcome to F84 Games!


F84 Games was established in 2008 by artist and entrepreneur, Jeff Hardy. F84 is based in Van Nuys, California.  We are an independent game developer made up of a multi-talented team of Artists, Designers, Programmers and Producers.

Since our inception, F84 has delivered over 400 games across a full spectrum of platforms for its entertainment clients and partners.  The team’s relentless passion for the place where art and technology meet is the reason why we love making games.  As the market has changed, we’ve continued to change with it.

Today, the diversity of interactive landscape affords opportunities for enormous budget, AAA titles to sit side by side by a one-man, independent, mobile smash hit.   As this is the case, we often ask ourselves the question “What is a game?”.  We believe anything can be a game and this is why we say “Its All Fun & Games.”

As a studio and individuals we continually push our limits and expertise to the edge.  Today, mobile dominates the digital landscape but we will never know absolutely what tomorrow brings… what we do know is we will be ready to grab hold and take fullest advantage when its here.

F84 Onward…

For the first time, F84 will open its doors and welcome the greater, independent, aspiring game makers community to share in our experiences and adventures in making games.  We know that the art of making games isn’t reserved for the publicly traded studios, but rather for anyone with an idea, passion and follow-through to make their dream a reality.

To do this we will share a new face to our social media channels.  Through these mediums, F84 Games will showcase our process and culture.  We invite creators to join in our conversation and share their stories.

Our relaunch will begin with the reality style docu-series titled, “Making The Game”.  The first season of Making The Game follows the team on their adventures from start to finish of the research, design, production and release of their latest independent title “Baja Big Air” for iOS and Android mobile.

Making The Game: “Baja Big Air”

  • Check out the team on social media with our new YouTube series, Making The Game!
  • Follow Jeff, Neal, Frank, Matt and the rest of the F84 Games team as they research, design, develop and launch the studio’s latest release, Baja Big Air.
  • See what it takes to make a mobile game from concept to launch in this short form series on the studio’s social media channels.
  • Travel on location, mix it up in the studio and take a look at what the roles and responsibilities of an independent developer look like while they try to pay the bills and release their own title.

 F84 Games, Making The Game


Watch & Follow the Team…

Watch Making The Game on our YouTube channel where you can catch regularly scheduled episodes. Get a closer look at our process as we are Making The Game: Baja Big Air!

Jeff, Neal, Frank and Matt have been making games together for a long time.  Mostly all the games that they make are under NDA (Non-Disclosure).  Being under NDA is a legal agreement in business and is when you are making something for someone else and don’t talk about it and/or put your name on it.  Since the studio has been built on making games as a service, being under NDA has been the case for the majority of our work.

But chances are… if you’ve played a game online over the past 10 years for any of the major entertainment companies… you’ve probably played one, two or more of our games.

After a decade of work we are thrilled to finally share what it is we do.  Watch & Follow us on Social Media as we share with the world what it is we do here at F84 Games.