Baja Big Air & SCORE Journal


Over the past 30 years there has not been a single game to be released that encompasses the thrill, excitement, and sheer exhilaration revolving around the Baja off road racing scene. For that reason, F84 Games teamed up with SCORE International and BCII to create Baja Big Air. The first game of this century to really bring off-road racing fans and gamers together on one platform.

This game allows anyone, no matter their personal knowledge of the sport, to really embrace off-road racing. Those that already know all about it, get the opportunity to play against some of their favorite drivers, and have a chance of winning the BAJA 1000!

Baja Big Air allows the player the opportunity to go through all of the Baja races while building and racing their own cars. As they get better and their cars become stronger, they can invite and play against their friends.

Score Journal was really able to embrace the game and the creators in their article “BAJA BIG AIR GOES FULL THROTTLE.”

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