Golfing in December

In December 2015, F84 Games was invited to participate in a test run of an awesome collection of golf-related indoor games created by our friends at Golfstream. The team tested their skills in individual and team-based challenges created using moving green technology and laser putting systems. Our indoor entertainment even came complete with upscale food and beverages including craft beers and caviar.

Following our visit, Golfstream opened up this awesome experience on the strip in Vegas and plan to continue bringing their combo sporting and virtual reality game experience to locations across the country. Lucky for us, we got to take it for a test drive in our own stomping grounds at their HQ here in Los Angeles. The team at F84 thanks Golfstream for their hospitality and wishes them the best of luck with future ventures! We look forward to playing again and recommend checking out this experience at a location near you.

Our Visit:

Golfstream Los Angeles HQ:

Golfstream HQ

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